Quickly identify and triage CAT event fraud risk

Fortify your CAT event insurance claim processing

Clearspeed Surge helps insurers quickly and accurately process large weather-based demand at initial notice of loss. By automating high volume, low risk claims using a unique risk data point, insurance catastrophe (CAT) response teams can scale efficiently and are empowered to better meet customer needs.

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Why use Clearspeed Surge?

What the industry has known about CAT season has completely changed: timing is different; there’s limited predictability; storms are more severe, and claims values are skyrocketing.

Clearspeed Surge gives you an accurate and rapid means for assessing risk - helping you get the right claims into the right hands faster, and with greater confidence, when both are most vulnerable.

Make confident decisions faster

Get a fast primary risk measure to simplify claims routing, and free -up skilled adjusters to act on top priority claims.

Ease customer stress

Fast-track low-risk claims and get customers paid so they can start rebuilding property and lives without undue delay.

Reduce opportunistic fraud

Accurately identify potentially risky cat event claims, and deter opportunistic claims early.

Simply integration

Our cloud architecture makes it quick and easy to integrate Clearspeed alerts into your CAT claims process.

Anywhere in the CAT claims journey

Any part of the claims process

Any customer touchpoint

Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

How it works

Clearspeed delivers unique risk alerts to enable straight-through processing, improve operational efficiency, and reduce fraud.

How Clearspeed works


End-user completes short automated yes/no questionnaire by phone

Data Model

Speech is converted into our unbiased and language-independent data model


Data is analyzed for the presence of risk-associated vocal characteristics.


Claims risk is scored and results provided via API or web app.

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