Accurately identify blind spots

Vet faster and more accurately

Accelerate the process of screening, vetting, and addressing potential risk blind spots regardless of the circumstances, language, or operational environment with Clearspeed Protect. Clearspeed Protect provides a risk assessment and decision support tool that equips organizations to accurately evaluate client-defined risk issues.

Advance trust with a powerful risk assessment data point that quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively clears the low-risk majority, while identifying potential high-risk responses.

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Why use Clearspeed Protect?

Clearspeed Protect now offers risk assessment at scale with greater than 97% accuracy.

Protect people & operations

Quickly scale to vet and identify high risk personnel while clearing the low-risk majority.

Defend against insider theft

Secure data and property with a modern and cost-effective risk assessment tool.

Identify high risk behavior

Enable fast, objective, and precise identification of high-risk individuals.

Simple integration

Clearspeed is a lightweight insertion into your technology stack and a seamless accelerator of your end-user experience. Risk results are available in near real time within our web application or directly via API. Clearspeed offers a secure, universal REST API for seamless integration with any system.

Anywhere in the vetting process

Initial, continuous, or post-event risk assessments

Any customer touchpoint

Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

How it works

Clearspeed delivers unique risk alerts to enable straight through processing, improve operational efficiency and reduce fraud.

How Clearspeed works


End-user completes short automated yes/no questionnaire by phone

Data Model

Speech is converted into our unbiased and language-independent data model


Data is analyzed for the presence of risk-associated vocal characteristics.


Risk is scored and results provided via API or web app.

What our clients are saying?

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