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Detect risk indicators quickly and effectively

Running an organization comes with many types of risk that can be very time and cost intensive to identify with traditional tools. Clearspeed’s unique AI-enabled platform enables the fair, fast, and secure flow of people and transactions at scale by providing trusted risk insights that simply can’t be found elsewhere, or at least not without significant time and money.

Clearspeed delivers value across your vetting processes using short, simple, automated phone questionnaires that highlight potential security exposure.

Defend against insider threats
Protect people & operations
Identify high-risk behavior


Build confidence across your ecosystem with accurate risk assessment

The more you know about an applicant, employee, partner, or supplier’s work history and vulnerabilities, the better equipped you’ll be to make a well-informed decision.

  • Proactively combat insider threats
  • Quickly clear low-risk applicants and partners
  • Accelerate regular risk screening of employees, suppliers, and visitors
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Mitigate supply chain risk

If not properly managed, complex supply chains can introduce vulnerabilities. Understand supplier, regulatory, and data risks early to protect your organization.

  • Find indicators of third-party contractor and agent risk
  • Surface compliance gaps early
  • Secure data properly
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Featured use cases

Use Case

Law enforcement

Reinforce public trust and force integrity while reducing hiring and vetting cycle times.

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Use Case


Safeguard against internal threat, from deterring high-risk candidates to screening of pilots and crew.

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Use Case


Quickly overcome evolving internal and external fraud tactics, preventing your growth opportunities from going up in smoke.

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Clearspeed Protect

Advance trust with powerful risk insight that quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively clears the low-risk majority, while identifying potential high-risk responses.

  • Speed up clearance
  • Protect people and operations
  • Identify high-risk behavior
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Simple integration

Clearspeed is a lightweight insertion into your technology stack and a seamless accelerator of your end-user experience. Risk results are available in near real time within our web application or directly via API. Clearspeed offers a secure, universal REST API for seamless integration with any system.

Anywhere in the vetting process

Initial, continuous, or post-event risk assessments

Configurable outreach

Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

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