Clearspeed Appoints Insurance Industry Veteran Kim Garland to Advisory Board as Client Growth Accelerates Globally

Key addition will support Clearspeed’s strategic development as it delivers trusted risk assessment at scale

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – May 22, 2024Clearspeed, the leading provider of voice analytics technology for risk assessment at scale in the government, insurance, banking, sports integrity, and security sectors, today announced the appointment of Kim Garland to Clearspeed’s advisory board. Garland brings over 35 years of experience in leading insurance corporations to success by implementing innovative business growth strategies and driving change amidst complex challenges. Garland will be instrumental in furthering Clearspeed’s rapid expansion to enable clients to assess risk at scale. In his role, Garland will also serve as a resource for Clearspeed’s sales team, lending his unique market perspective and expertise to the team at large, augmenting growth possibilities across the U.S. market.

A 14x Ironman, mathematics graduate, and successful insurance executive, Garland is focused on creating business value through out-of-the-box, innovative thinking. As part of leadership teams at SafeCo, AIG, and State Auto, Garland was instrumental in changing the trajectory of these companies by developing and executing paradigm shifts in how the industry priced insurance, strengthening the company’s operational foundation, introducing a series of innovative offerings, and dramatically changing the company culture at each organization – all leading to distinct competitive advantages. He brings expertise in identifying and implementing game-changing technology for the insurance ecosystem through his experience running both personal and commercial business lines and evaluating hundreds of insurtech companies as Managing Director of State Auto’s Corporate Venture Capital Fund.

Garland will bring this same approach to building competitive advantage as Clearspeed is implemented at scale within insurance companies – an industry that has historically been reticent to change, and hindered by lengthy decision-making processes. While insurers generally subsume a certain percentage of fraudulent claims as the cost of business, it will soon become impractical to continue down that path as a  changing risk landscape and rising supply costs are driving policy rates increasingly higher.

“The companies that will succeed in tomorrow’s market will need to embrace new models and new ways of thinking about risk and risk assessment,” says Garland. “Constant innovation that combines the best of people, process, and technology will be critical to gaining a competitive edge. Clearspeed puts their clients ahead of the game, ensuring objectivity, speed, and accuracy are central to a more streamlined verification process, building trust in the process for insured and insurer both, while opening up new opportunities to capture actionable intelligence. While there is no silver bullet to solve the insurance industry’s challenges, Clearspeed is a prime fit for reimagining the claims and underwriting processes, and I’m excited to see where we go next.”

Clearspeed’s voice-based risk assessment technology enables clients to better identify potential fraud, whether at application, claim, or renewal, and streamline their approach to mitigate those drivers of increased losses. At scale, Clearspeed identifies risk in a way that optimizes today’s practices, making them faster and more cost-effective.

“There’s an imperative to innovate for the industry to move forward, and there’s no better person than Kim to help Clearspeed lead that effort,” says Alex Martin, CEO at Clearspeed. “Kim’s passion and commitment to upend conventional processes seamlessly ties in with our goal of preventing fraud by enabling trust – a paradigm shift that is critical to transformation of the insurance industry, and risk assessment more broadly. We’re thrilled to welcome Kim to the Clearspeed team and are encouraged by the possibilities his decades of experience in the industry can bring.”

Clearspeed continues to rapidly expand its bench of experts across the industries in which the company operates, with recent advisory appointments for former U.S. Federal Government executive, Parker Wise, and retired British Army Brigadier General, Lance Mans. Further, with 600% growth in client usage in the past year, Clearspeed is working with best-in-class insurance organizations worldwide, like Allianz, to better the customer experience and reimagine processes across the policyholder lifecycle. In an increasingly complex risk environment, Clearspeed uniquely addresses clients’ needs without trading off between customer satisfaction and risk detection, leaning into greater precision and actionable insights and, in turn, paving the way for the next generation of risk assessment.


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