SAN DIEGO, Oct. 19, 2023Clearspeed, the leading provider of voice analytics technology for risk assessment in the insurance, banking, government, and security sectors, announced the appointment of Lance Mans to its advisory board. A retired British Army Brigadier General, Mans brings extensive expertise in capability development and defense advisory, playing a crucial role in Clearspeed’s ongoing expansion into government, security, intelligence, and defense markets.

Historically, government and security organizations have faced challenges in screening and vetting at the scale and speed required for onboarding individuals within government and related agencies or processing immigration and asylum seekers, where the accurate assessment of risk is also paramount. Clearspeed addresses these challenges, helping organizations to make better decisions faster, accurately identify high-risk behavior, and flag risks before they become threats, through AI-powered voice analytics.

“Ensuring security and safety as organizations confront the threat of insiders or external bad actors stealing their assets, data, or knowledge is only the start,” said Alex Martin, CEO of Clearspeed. “I’m excited to bring in Lance’s critical knowledge and breadth of experience as we work to create a positive force for change, enable trust, and ensure compliance at all levels for our clients.”

Recently, Clearspeed announced a partnership with the Global Special Operations Forces Foundation (GSOF), to support the due diligence process for screening new members of the Foundation by delivering risk insights on complex topics.

Mans is a current advisor on the GSOF board and has achieved a full military career with appointments up to senior commander of a 2,000 strong combat force from 17 Alliance Nations in Afghanistan. His experience in capability development and advisory capacities was also instrumental in his previous role at NATO, where he delivered strategic level major change programs through his key involvement in the initiation and direction of an evolved multinational NATO headquarters. 

“Clearspeed’s technology uniquely complements the existing array of verification, vetting, and screening platforms currently in use,” said Lance Mans. “I’m looking forward to working alongside Alex, Steve Wisotzki, and the Clearspeed team to encourage unbiased, safe, and reliable innovation to positively impact the lives of the citizens we serve.”

As government entities and security agencies continue to deal with new and existing complexity, Clearspeed is reshaping how organizations approach security and fraud risk. By prioritizing the clearance of the vast majority of the good actors, while still surfacing the ‘bad actors’, Clearspeed uniquely enhances existing fraud detection and security processes, enabling clients to make accurate decisions faster.


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Clearspeed is the market leader for assessing risk in speech. Global organizations trust our highly precise, accurate, and unbiased voice analytics to fast-track low risk while also alerting to possible fraud. Our clients and partners rely on the unique data we provide to improve their risk confidence, reduce their costs, and deliver an improved customer experience.


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