Fraud Analytics for Hiring

Greatly Reduce Bad Hires and Associated Costs and Impact of Resume Fraud

Who are you really hiring?

With greater than 50% of resumes reported to be fraudulent, it’s really difficult to know if you have a good match and not knowing leads to bad hiring decisions. Background checks aren’t effective in detecting most resume fraud.

By using Clearspeed, you will kickstart an amazing domino effect that will result in better hiring decisions and save you time and money.

The domino effect of resume fraud

The presence or absence of resume fraud creates either a significant negative or positive domino effect in your hiring process. Your ability to detect it early greatly affects the risk you have in your candidate pool. You need the ability to hire transparent candidates that are less likely to result in bad hires.

The impact of resume fraud

Resume fraud can impact you in so many ways depending on the role for which you’re hiring.

Background checks will rarely surface the issues that are responsible for higher rates of turnover as well as many of these outcomes.


I can’t live without Clearspeed. Clearspeed assesses answers to direct questions and alerts to high risk. Then further investigation would be warranted or a risk avoidance decision could be made. In fact, my bias is no longer a factor in the hire decision.


Better hiring powered by Clearspeed Verbal

Clearspeed Verbal provides remote screening through automated voice questionnaires. A questionnaire typically contains 2–4 yes/no questions that can be answered in a five-minute phone call. Questionnaires contain your custom questions and are delivered in any language, at any scale, without bias.

How do I use Clearspeed Verbal?