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About Your Most Important Asset: People

Maintaining security and a culture of trust in your organization is a continual effort. Part of that effort includes ongoing vetting of applicants, staff, partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers. These people may be vetted at the beginning of their relationship with your organization. But, individuals and circumstances change. Someone who begins the relationship being trustworthy can change their intentions over time.

At the same time, the trustworthy majority of people can be burdened by vetting approaches that don’t differentiate them from the untrustworthy minority early in the process. This lack of differentiation wastes time and money and erodes morale.

Clearspeed Verbal™ voice analytics technology delivers an easy yet powerful solution for ongoing vetting of applicants, staff, partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

By providing unique risk alerts based on an individual’s vocal responses to an automated telephone questionnaire, Clearspeed can quickly and effectively clear the trustworthy majority of people, while identifying potential high-risk individuals who warrant additional verification.

When you stratify risk efficiently and early, you can then focus your investigative teams, surveillance, and background checks on the high-risk responses that are often missed through traditional screening processes.

SOCOM Use Case

Industry Applications


  • Resume and Credential Verification
  • Preliminary and Ongoing Drug Screening
  • Compliance for government contracts


  • Security Clearances
  • General Schedule Promotions
  • Background Checks


  • Candidate Qualification
  • Civilian Contractor Vetting


Brief automated phone interview of yes-or-no questions


Scales easily to screen thousands of individuals

Language Agnostic

Questionnaires can be delivered in any language

Focused Follow Ups

Supports focused, objective follow-up in potential high-risk cases


AI-enabled system delivers unbiased results quickly