Despite our interconnectedness in this increasingly complex and fast-paced world, a pervasive lack of foundational trust between individuals and organizations divides us. 

Seven years ago, Clearspeed was a startup that was founded to disrupt the vetting industry. Today we’re a pioneer in redefining risk assessment and clearance through innovation in AI-driven voice-based technology.

With more than 50 customers in 20 countries, speaking 38 languages, and spanning insurancegovernment, security, and sports integrity sectors, we’re well on our way to help build a better world through trust enablement and deliver in critical ‘moments that matter’. 

With each passing day corporations, militaries, and government agencies face the challenges of vetting people quickly, accurately, and at scale to reduce fraud, identify insider threats and increase security and safety. Risk assessments are the vital inputs, but trust is the desired outcome. We bridge the gap from an assessment of risk to a decision to trust.

One of the proven pillars of our technology is that it is neutral, impartial, and unbiased regardless of the criteria – including race, gender, age, language, accent, location or socio-economic factors and all other variables. Because of this proven neutrality, Clearspeed helps our clients ensure equity and fairness in their decision-making process. This proven methodology is based on Clearspeed’s support of numerous commercial and government organizations. Our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Clearspeed’s commitment to helping customers build trust faster is not just reflected in a new brand identity, but in the ongoing investment in product development and innovative voice analytics technology. Backed by our recent Series C funding, we have been able to enhance our product features and functionality, such as with Clearspeed Surge, a product that has the ability to quickly scale automated claims triage for catastrophic events, and bring on new, talented global leadership.

Social responsibility and using tech for good is very much a part of Clearspeed’s ethos. While partly borne of my experience working as a team leader for Nuru International, a social venture that helps rural communities in Africa, it’s also thanks to one of Clearspeed’s board members and first investor Bob King, co-founder of King Philanthropies. Focusing on companies changing the world for good, King’s venture fund supports climate change and extreme poverty alleviation — in this way aligning with Clearspeed’s work to make a meaningful impact, every day.

Embracing and implementing new technology as a means for innovation doesn’t mean simply using tech for tech’s sake, or compromising standards. We need deep examination and due diligence, and a critical step in that process is to validate new technologies under the most rigorous of circumstances. 

Building trust faster is what will keep businesses, people, communities, and us all, moving forward. Ensuring safety and security is only part of the equation. Fundamentally, today’s governments and security organizations really have a duty to embrace technology in order to alleviate humanitarian challenges while also striving to build trust and ensure compliance at all levels.

We hope you will look forward to the next phase of Clearspeed with us, together.