Making a difference in the communities we touch is embedded in Clearspeed’s DNA as one of our founding principles.

In May 2023, we launched Clearspeed Gives Back – an initiative to partner with event stakeholders and attendees with the goal of positively impacting the communities we touch, together leaving them better than when we arrived.

We hosted our first ever Clearspeed Gives Back event during SOF Week 2023 where we partnered with Clean the World Global, an organization focused on improving the quality of life through hygiene and sanitation. In partnership with event attendees, we successfully assembled 900 hygiene kits with personal notes that were distributed to the displaced veteran community in Tampa, FL.

Since then, we’ve hosted events at several insurtech, security, and government conferences across the globe to pay our way forward:

  • Insurtech Insights USA – partnered with City Harvest, one of New York City’s largest food rescue organizations to distribute 2,400 lbs. of food to children facing limited access to nutritious meals.
  • ITC Vegas – partnered with Clean the World in assembling hygiene kits for the area’s local homeless population and distributed 1,000 hygiene packs to the displaced youth of Las Vegas.
  • INNOVATE THIS – partnered with Clean the World to host a ‘Stay and Play’ where we assembled 300 hygiene kits that were redistributed to children and families in need within the community.

“Partnering with major stakeholders to support the communities where we visit, live, and work is a crucial element of the way we do business,” says Alex Martin, CEO of Clearspeed. “Our goal is to continue paying it forward with gratitude for the opportunities we’ve received, expanding our involvement with the industries we serve and working together to unite the communities in which we operate. Most importantly, we value the partnership with local organizations that focus on helping the most in-need.”

As we look to grow as a company, we strengthen our commitment to leave the world better than how we found it. In 2024, we plan to continue our global impact, providing a moment of reflection on privileges and our potential to make positive change in the world around us, by working alongside our like-minded partners at events including Insurtech Insights London, SOF Week, Insurtech Insights USA, and ITC Vegas.

Despite our interconnectedness in this increasingly complex and fast-paced world, we’re challenged by a lack of foundational trust between individuals and organizations. This underpins our broader Clearspeed mission to bring people and communities together, safely and securely.

Our business model and investor base are closely aligned with our corporate DNA and ethos; we’re committed to serving others, channeling social responsibility and using tech for good, all so we can continue to make a meaningful impact, every day.