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Safeguarding the integrity of sport and sports participants

The clearer a picture you have into potential risk, the better equipped you’ll be to make a well-informed decision. Unfortunately, existing risk monitoring and vetting solutions rely on historical data sources like criminal databases, self-disclosures, and past references, and may require invasive physical screening. Without insight into current risk, these tools alone are inadequate in measuring risk, leaving sporting organizations susceptible.

Quickly clear low-risk participants
Deter fraudulent or risky behavior
Detect indicators of fraud or abuse
Focus investigation resources where alerted

Clearspeed helps sporting organizations identify risk early, and accurately

Good risk governance principles and ongoing monitoring and review are important safeguards to protect the integrity of sport and sports participants.

  • Performance enhancing or illicit drug screening
  • Vetting for illegal betting
  • Detecting match fixing or tanking operations
  • Screening for bullying, harassment, or discrimination
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Risk isn’t static. Clearspeed Protect helps you accurately identify risk blind spots quickly:

  • Vet people at scale – before, during, and post hiring or engagement
  • Proactively combat insider threats
  • Get a primary risk measure that you can’t find elsewhere
  • Accelerate regular risk screening of employees and suppliers
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Simple integration

Our cloud architecture makes it quick and easy to integrate Clearspeed alerts at any point in your vetting process.

Anywhere in the vetting process

Initial, continuous, or post-event risk assessments

Configurable outreach

Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

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