The following are excerpts from Jeff Clemetson’s piece – read full story in the San Diego Business Journal

Over the last year, Clearspeed has been living up to its name as its growth rate accelerates. Following a $27 million Series C funding round in October of last year, the San Diego-based provider of voice analytics technology for risk assessment has grown its client base 200%.
Clearspeed’s technology analyzes speech to identify risk-associated vocal characteristics in any language and without any additional data. The company’s solutions are used by leading global corporations and government organizations in sectors such as insurance, security, sports integrity and social impact.

“The technology was created because we needed the opposite of a lie detector,”
said Clearspeed CEO Alex Martin, a former Marine stationed out of Camp Pendle-
ton who spent time in “hard places” where risk assessment was crucial to safety.

“We needed something to solve a problem – to clear good people quickly. Instead of finding a needle in a hay stack, we needed to clear the hay.”


“In the insurance industry, trust is essential,” said Mark Breading, a partner
at ReSource Pro Consulting. “Clearspeed’s approach to risk assessment and clearance through their innovative voice-based technology is delivering high value to the industry. Their proven neutrality, impartiality, and unbiased methodology are a catalyst for industry transformation, helping to ensure equity and fairness in the claims process.”

To quickly clear non-fraudulent insurance claims, Clearspeed uses proprietary voice assessment questionnaires that deliver objective and unbiased risk alerts based on vocal
characteristics. The company saw a 400% increase in usage of them last year. The questionnaires are also useful in investigatory work.

“We have been impressed with the value Clearspeed brings to our security investigations at Harod,” said Harod Associates Managing Director Martin Dubbey. “The ability to assess risk quickly and accurately is crucial, and Clearspeed’s questionnaires provide an excellent means of doing so. Their innovative approach to risk assessment has been particularly useful in our global sports integrity work, where efficient clearing while also alerting to high-risk individuals is essential to maintaining the integrity of the sport.”