Solution Briefs:

Identify Risk to Reduce Fraud
in Banking Transactions

Clearspeed’s automated 10-minute questionnaire asks direct questions and alerts you to potential risk

Identify Risk to Combat Claims
Fraud and Reduce Lost Costs

Incidents of soft-fraud and premium leakage contribute to significant costs in the insurance ecosystem, with an annual cost as high as $30 billion.

COVID-19 Employee
Health Screening

Clearspeed Verbal™ delivers a powerful vetting solution for organizations facing the challenge of keeping a healthy workforce and screening for COVID-19.


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Identifying Fraud
in Hiring

Criminal and malicious insiders cost organizations an average of $756,760 per incident

Insider Threat

Incidents of Insider Threat have increased by a staggering 47% in just two years, with per-incident costs as high as $870,000

Identify Underwriting Risk Early
to Reduce Fraud Loss Ratios

Grow your book of business profitably through the power of voice.

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COVID-19 Economic Aid

Clearspeed Verbal™ delivers a telephonic risk assessment solution for large organizations that need to accelerate processes while dealing with the challenges of reducing potential fraud.

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