Case Studies:

High Tech Startup
Protecting Intellectual Property

Objective: Hire and ongoing vetting of specialized technical personnel to prevent IP theft.

Energy Company

OBJECTIVE: Stop insider theft of petroleum products.

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Uganda Wildlife Authority
Rhino Fund in Uganda

Objective: Vet rangers and recruits for knowledge of or participation in illegal wildlife poaching.

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United States Special Operations
Command, Afghanistan

Objective: Screen Afghan recruits to train and expand the country’s defense capabilities without jeopardizing U.S. personnel.

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Identifying & Preventing Fraud

How a simple phone interview can help ensure critical funding gets to families and businesses in need.

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Airline Industry Security
Voice Analytics to Enable Trust

Without an effective screening solution, airlines continue to face insider threats, fraud, and abuse, including threats to intellectual property and proprietary technology.

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Defence Base Act (DBA)
Identifying and Preventing Fraud

Industry estimates put the cost of excessive claims at over $200M per year. However, it has been hard to stop fraud without alienating current, trustworthy clients and risking fines and penalties.

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Workers Compensation Fraud
Identifying & Preventing Fraud

Fraud is a universal problem in workers’ compensation claims. Nearly one-third of insurers estimate that fraud comprised as much as 20% of their claims costs.

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