Clearspeed Surge

Quickly identify and triage claims risk
during catastrophic events

Scale for the Surge

Easily unblock the real-time processing of large weather-based demand at initial notice of loss by automating high-volume, low-risk claims with Clearspeed Surge.

Clearspeed Surge provides unique, simple, and highly effective risk insight that has previously been difficult and expensive to acquire from any other source.

Empower operational teams with a new risk data point that helps to meet customer needs when both are most vulnerable through excess demand.

Powered by Market Leading Voice Analytics

Clearspeed Surge now offers instant massive scale using quick and easy automated questionnaires that identify risk with greater than 97% accuracy.

Scale Quickly

Scale Quickly with Confidence

Reduce the impact on your operations with real-time straight through processing

Happy customers

Meet Your Customer Needs

Fast-track low-risk customers while freeing skilled adjusters to act on top priority claims

reduce fraud

Reduce Opportunistic Fraud

Flag high-risk claims at initial notice of loss for focused follow up

Seamless Integration

Our cloud architecture makes it quick and easy to integrate Clearspeed alerts into your claims process.

Any customer touchpoint

    • Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

    • Clearspeed application or API
Seamless Integration

Clearspeed brings a new and highly effective
approach to screening for claims fraud at scale.

Clare Lunn, Head of Counter Fraud

How it Works


Claimant uses phone
or app to answer short
set of yes/no questions


Speech is converted into our unbiased and language-independent data model


Data is analyzed for the presence of risk-associated vocal characteristics


Claims risk is scored and results provided via API or web app

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