Clearspeed Precision

Empower teams to confidently take action with
highly accurate claims risk assessments

Fast and Focused Follow Up

Empower your teams throughout the claims process with response-specific risk insight from Clearspeed Precision.

Clearspeed Precision instantly elevates your customer claims experience with a light touch, automated voice questionnaire that quickly and accurately assesses fraud risk.

Clearspeed Precision delivers unique claims risk data, equipping skilled teams to focus on high-value cases while optimizing operations to be both lean and effective.

Powered by Market Leading Voice Analytics

Clearspeed Precision provides a new data point that reveals risk in your customers’ answers to easy, automated questionnaires with greater than 97% accuracy.

Happy customers

Clear Low-Risk Claims
& Reduce False Positives

Improves your customer experience by helping fast track low-risk claims

Optimize Adjuster Talent

Optimize Adjuster

Frees up your skilled adjusters to provide a better customer experience for top priority claims

Leverage Insights

Reduce Fraud Losses
with Richer Insight

Flag high-risk claims in real-time for focused follow up

Seamless Integration

Our cloud architecture makes it quick and easy to integrate Clearspeed alerts into your claims process.

Any customer touchpoint

    • Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

    • Clearspeed application or API
Seamless Integration

Clearspeed enables us to speed up the claims process, focus our resources
on the risky claims, and save money by ensuring fraudulent
claims are properly investigated and denied.

Jorge Luis Linares, Assistant to the CEO
Seguros El Roble

How it Works


Claimant uses phone
or app to answer short
set of yes/no questions


Speech is converted into our unbiased and language-independent data model


Data is analyzed for the presence of risk-associated vocal characteristics


Claims risk is scored and results provided via API or web app

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Clearspeed Voice Analytics delivers highly accurate and objective claims risk data.