Introducing Voice Analytics that Cuts Through the Noise.
Identify Your Blind Spots and Accurately Assess Risk.

You’re constantly monitoring employees, partners, recruits or customers to identify risks that may pose unacceptable risk of fraud or other threats to the organization.  Risk alert ecosystems, which might include email, chat, video, cyber, behavior, location tracking, or a myriad of other technologies, are deafening as they bombard us with an incredible number of alerts all day.  Where to focus your scarce resources? Clearspeed Verbal finds risk that other technologies cannot, do not!

More Green. Less Yellow. More Red. 

Clearspeed Verbal provides a far clearer picture of the risks that you really do, and don’t face. It clears most of those unproductive yellows that risk alert ecosystems produce, provides confidence in assessing the greens, and then brings to light a set of reds that most systems miss.

Change the Equation. Be Confident. Make a Dent.

Clearspeed Verbal’s unique and potent technology changes this equation by delivering highly accurate risk alerts.  It will empower you in ways you never thought possible and it will instill a new level of confidence and throughput in your risk assessment and management.  Place it in any process you like: one-off hiring, zillions of claim transactions, or continuous vetting of employees and partners… Clearspeed Verbal will help you make a significant dent.

Clearspeed Verbal is a voice analytics technology that provides an accurate risk assessment of an individual’s vocal yes/no responses, in any language, using an automated voice questionnaire which is delivered via a 2-10 minute phone call.  Because it is so accurate, our customers generally apply it at the beginning of a process to help them quickly triage their risk so they can immediately clear the majority and then offramp the potentially high-risk individuals or transactions to a more focused fraud or threat team.

Non-Determinative. Not Lie Detection. Not Voice Stress.

Because we are scoring yes/no responses, there is an automatic leap to thinking this is lie detection or voice stress.  Not so.  We are not capable of detecting deception and determining whether someone is lying.  As much as we think of our tech, it would be even more remarkable (and a lot easier!) if we were able to diagnose whether someone is lying.  We simply cannot.  All we can do is provide an alert on a low-high spectrum about the risk in a response.  For a more detailed description, please visit our technology page.

No PII, No Biometrics, Unbiased


It makes no difference who is calling — their sex, gender, age, or any other personally identifiable data — Clearspeed Verbal doesn’t need it, doesn’t use it. We only need an anonymized identifier to conduct the questionnaire and that we can use to send results back to you. No bias.

The Call

The entire questionnaire is automated and completely unbiased. There is no agent to pass judgement or ask a question in a particular way. No bias.


Our risk scoring engine has been developed using a large dataset sourced across many cultures and languages, and we continue to improve it when customers provide us with their determinative outcome data. We do not use blackbox AI – we understand exactly how each response is scored. We do use AI to quality check each result and ensure we provide as accurate a result as possible. No bias.

Clearspeed Verbal Use Cases