Accelerate applications, not risk, during underwriting

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Increase trust through accelerated underwriting

Uncover risk indicators quickly using our short voice questionnaires that provide you a unique and objective primary risk measure to enable confident decision-making and application routing. Prevent future claims fraud at the point of application.

Policy intent

Duplicate coverage, organized fraud rings, fictitious beneficiaries etc.

Home and Occupants

Poor home condition, hidden home usage intent (personal/rental/commercial)

Health and Habits

Pre-existing conditions, hidden poor habits (e.g. smoker/previous smoker status, drug use, diet)


Participation in extreme sports, travel to dangerous areas, auto and motorcycle racing

Internal Threats

Discover risks associated with skimming, organized policy fraud, data theft, and more

Improve decision and underwriting confidence

  • Get fast primary risk measures to simplify applicant routing
  • Narrow the need for medical exams, blood and vitals testing, habit and hobby verifications, and more
  • Avoid lengthy records searches and investigations

Prevent future claims fraud at the point of application

  • Uncover early warning signs of material misrepresentation or concealment
  • Deliver savings by deterring opportunistic applicants early
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Optimize your resources

  • Fast-track low-risk applicants 
  • Focus skilled underwriters on risky applications
  • Provide white-glove service to customers with more expensive or complicated policies
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Easy integration

Our cloud architecture makes it quick and easy to integrate Clearspeed at any point in your applications process.

Anywhere in the customer lifecycle

From application to bind, claims to renewal

Any customer touchpoint

Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

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Improving STP in underwriting and claims with voice analytics technology

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A New Era Of P&C Risk And Fraud Assessment - Leveraging Unique Voice Analytics for New Insights

A refreshing and informative look into risk, and leveraging voice analytics to augment and optimize existing approaches to fraud assessment across the insurance policyholder lifecycle.

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Clearspeed CEO Alex Martin on the value of voice technology for the future of insurance.

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