Quickly & accurately assess risk across the policyholder lifecycle

Clearspeed provides a portfolio of integrated solutions to help meet your risk assessment needs, whether at application, underwriting, claim, or renewal.

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Any line of business, anywhere in the process

Clearspeed can be used to triage risk at any point in the policy lifecycle for both standard and specialty insurance lines. Wherever you use it, Clearspeed saves you time and money, while reducing fraud exposure.

Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce operating expenses
Improve fraud loss ratios

For Claims

Assess claims risk quickly and accurately

Clearspeed can be used to triage early in the claims process or deployed for investigations. However you use it, Clearspeed saves you time and money while reducing fraud exposure.

  • Improve the claims experience
  • Optimize operational efficiency
  • Reduce fraud losses with richer insight
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For Underwriting

Increase trust through accelerated underwriting

Uncover risk indicators quickly using our short, unbiased voice questionnaires that provide you a unique and objective primary risk measure to enable confident decision-making and application routing. Prevent future claims fraud at the point of application.

  • Streamline customer acquisition
  • Simplify applicant routing
  • Eliminate unnecessary validations
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For CAT Events

Better identifying risk in CAT claims

For weather-based events, Clearspeed Surge easily unblocks the real-time processing needed at initial notice of loss by automating high-volume, low-risk claims.

  • Scale quickly with confidence
  • Meet your customer needs
  • Reduce opportunistic fraud
The insurer’s guide to better identifying risk in CAT claims

Simply and accurately assess risk with solutions designed to meet the needs of insurers

Clearspeed analyzes voice in a new way to deliver a better customer experience while streamlining costs and reducing fraud.

Clearspeed Precision

Clearspeed Precision provides insurers with the question-specific risk insights needed to fast track low-risk individuals and focus follow up to optimize resources.

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Clearspeed Express

Clearspeed Express provides insurers with an overall risk assessment needed to make confident ‘clear or follow up' decisions and streamline processes.

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Clearspeed Surge

Clearspeed Surge helps insurers navigate CAT event claims fraud with the quick, accurate risk assessment needed to get the right claims into the right hands faster.

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Simple integration

Clearspeed is a lightweight insertion into your technology stack and a seamless accelerator of your end-user experience. Risk results are available in near real time within our web application or directly via API. Clearspeed offers a secure, universal REST API for seamless integration with any system.

Anywhere in the customer lifecycle

From application to bind, claims to renewal

Any customer touchpoint

Web, call center, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

Clearspeed insurance resources

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