Clearspeed First to Provide Candidate Pre-Check to Reduce Resume/CV Fraud Risk

Through its 10-minute, automated voice questionnaire, Clearspeed provides recruiters with increased confidence that information provided by candidates is accurate – significantly reducing hiring risk and promoting trust.

Great Hires and Longer Retention Rates.

Resume fraud creates a lot of unknown risk in any pool of candidates. For the first time, you can now lower this risk significantly with pre-vetted candidates resulting in the likelihood of great hires and longer retention rates.


Premium Background Checks Catch Only a Fraction of Inaccuracies.

Even with thorough due diligence in the recruiting process, there isn’t a lot of accessible and credible data provided independently of the candidate to reduce your risk. When a candidate makes it through the interview cycle, even a premium background check catches only a fraction of the inaccuracies and relies on candidate, public, or other available data which is either incomplete or in some regions, non-existent. The resume fraud problem is universal and affects everyone – whether you’re a hiring agency, a Recruitment Process Outsourcer (RPO), or a corporate recruiter.

So How Do You Know?

How do you know if you’re getting someone with the qualifications and experience you need, isn’t a flight risk, and doesn’t pose a serious security or safety risk based on their past? With Clearspeed, there is now a way you can be far more confident in whom you’re considering.

Pre-Check Your Candidates. Hire With Confidence.

More consistent, objective, and reliable process.

Using Clearspeed to pre-check your candidates, you can have greater confidence regarding their risk for resume accuracy and safety. With each unique set of low-to-high risk data points provided for each candidate, you can build a more consistent, objective, and reliable process for developing lower-risk candidate pools. That leads to better decisions and a far higher likelihood of great hires.

Low versus high risk.

Candidates that are assessed as low risk go straight into the pool and those that flag for high risk need to be vetted further by the recruiting or hiring organization.

Long term impact.

Early on, you will likely see high-risk results that are aligned with industry fraud statistics but you will at least know with whom to follow up. Over time though, as Clearspeed is applied more broadly and begins to serve as a deterrent, you should begin to see a meaningful shift to low risk results as candidates realize they can be fast-tracked and trusted by submitting accurate information. Candidates will also start to submit their own Clearspeed vetted resumes.

Clearspeed Verbal

Process and Outcome


Source candidates.

The unvetted candidate pool likely includes high risk people who:

  • Have inaccurate resumes and still clear a background check
  • May be a safety or security risk and still clear a background check

Without Clearspeed, you could end up hiring high-risk candidates from this pool.

Ask candidates to take an unbiased Clearspeed Verbal questionnaire early in your candidate screening process.

Email or text brief instructions, a 1-800 number, and an anonymized questionnaire reference number for tracking.

Candidates call and take the automated voice questionnaire – max 10 minutes

Candidates answer simple, direct yes/no questions in any language or dialect, specific to your hiring needs. Questions can be customized or selected from a library of proven questions.

Clearspeed analyzes their responses.

Clearspeed will provide you with low-to-high risk alerts per response to assist your decision process.

Follow up on all high-risk alerts that Clearspeed provides.

As you follow up high-risk alerts, hopefully many candidates will provide you with satisfactory explanations regarding their qualifications, experience, education, and safety issues. Note: Clearspeed Verbal is a risk identification sensor. Use it as an additional decision support tool in your verification and interview process. We strongly recommend that you do not reject someone without considering additional data – Clearspeed is not a single source solution for negative action.

Outcome and Scalability

With Clearspeed, you will now have a candidate pool with a much higher probability of producing great hires, and it’s easy to scale Clearspeed across tens, hundreds or thousands of applicants.


Clearspeed provides complementary risk data typical background check cannot.

Background checks are good at finding information that is known, for example – public records, criminal records, credit records, social media, or mismatched education credentials.

Depending on where your candidates are from or where you’re hiring, a background check may be unavailable or extremely limited. Many global locations simply don’t have good data. In all cases, adding Clearspeed provides you more confidence because it can obtain data that a typical background check does not, and help you make a more informed decision.

For example, a typical background check will not uncover if your candidate is using your job as a stop gap, thus posing a potential flight risk, or whether they are working for a foreign government, or if they really have the ability to perform the job.

Note: We strongly recommend you do not reject someone without considering additional data – Clearspeed is not a single source solution for negative action.