Reduce Fraud. Provide Better Service. Keep Premiums Low.

The goal of insurance companies is to pay the claims that they owe. Unfortunately, insurers face a constant number of claims that are fraudulent. Industry guidelines estimate that 10 percent of filed claims contain fraud. Exactly which claims are suspect, however, is hard to discover.

Fraudulent claims impose a number of costs beyond just an unwarranted settlement. Charging higher premiums to cover fraudulent claims erodes competitive advantages. The labor, time, and resources for investigating claims drive up operating expenses. And the company’s reputation suffers when a slow claims adjustment process leads to customer complaints, negative press, and regulatory scrutiny.

Clearspeed Verbal™ voice analytics technology delivers a powerful solution for fraud risk assessment screening.

By providing unique risk alerts based on an individual’s vocal responses to an automated telephone questionnaire, Clearspeed can quickly and effectively clear the low-risk majority of claims, while identifying potential high-risk responses.

When you stratify risk efficiently and early, you can focus your investigative teams, surveillance, and background checks on the high-risk responses that are often missed through traditional screening processes.

Claims SB

Industry Applications


  • Home Insurance Claims
  • Auto Claims
  • Workers Comp Claims
  • Health Claims


  • Cost Efficient Application Process
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Flood Insurance Claims
  • Workers Comp Claims


  • Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance


Brief automated phone interview of yes-or-no questions


Scales easily to screen thousands of claims

Language Agnostic

Questionnaires can be delivered in any language

Focused Follow Ups

Supports focused, objective follow-up in potential high-risk cases


AI-enabled system delivers unbiased results quickly