Screen and vet foreign personnel more efficiently

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Expedite security and staffing decisions with accelerated risk insight

Lack of trustworthy information during global screening efforts. Understaffing. Missed recruiting goals. Excessive attrition. Sound familiar? It doesn’t need to be that way. Clearspeed helps you optimize your resources, giving you better risk discovery results in less time.

Criminal history

Quickly vet for criminal history or ties to criminal organizations

Foreign intelligence entities

Find indicators of ties to suspected foreign state or non-state organizations

Professional credentials

Vet for inconsistencies in educational and job histories

Insider threat

Vet for individuals who may have been corrupted post-hire

Minimize personnel travel and streamline logistics

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for in-field screening contractors and equipment
  • Validate employment background checks in a fraction of the time
  • Significantly reduce operational expenditures
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Confidently approve the low-risk majority

  • Effectively assess for risk where background information may be limited or unavailable 
  • Streamline vetting for low-risk majority, avoiding needless investigation
  • Focus staff of follow up where risk indicators are present

Deter foreign intelligence agencies

  • Effectively screen host country nationals (HCN) and  third country nationals (TCNs) seeking employment or contracts with embassies, consulates, etc.
  • Identify and disrupt foreign intelligence entities
  • Direct investigation resources where risk is detected

Simple integration

Clearspeed is a lightweight insertion into your technology stack and a seamless accelerator of your end-user experience. Risk results are available in near real time within our web application or directly via API. Clearspeed offers a secure, universal REST API for seamless integration with any system.

Anywhere in the personnel lifecycle

From application to initial interview, hire to termination

Configurable outreach

Phone, web, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

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