PwC UK has today announced an alliance with Clearspeed Inc., a leading provider of voice analytics technology for accurate, automated risk assessment at scale. This alliance gives the firm’s clients the opportunity to enhance the experience of their customers by speeding up their claim, application or process, while more efficiently and effectively managing fraud risk across their operations. The alliance is part of PwC’s ongoing commitment to make optimal use of innovative new technologies to tackle the most important business and societal challenges, fraud being a major one.

Better decisions, much faster

Clearspeed’s innovative voice-based technology provides a highly accurate and unbiased assessment of risk. By asking a set of simple questions, Clearspeed’s AI-enabled platform identifies vocal characteristics in the answers that are associated with risk on a real time basis. By working with Clearspeed, PwC will help empower organisations dealing with high volumes of customer interactions where there may be fraud exposure – be that in the insurance, banking or public sectors – to successfully process a significantly higher proportion of cases more quickly and without any further human intervention.

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