November 15 2022


Alex Martin of Clearspeed has an ingenious method for getting to know his employees and potential clients. And it doesn’t require you having to read up and research everything there is to know about insurance technology. Now the CEO of a company that has raised $50 million in venture capital funding since its launch in 2015, its signature product relies on voice analytics that conduct automated risk assessments for a range of industries. Target customers and users include insurance companies, third-party administrators and special investigation units.

Understanding the importance of risk when it comes to technology is vital, and is something Alex has a close personal connection to from his background in the United States Marine Corps:

“It’s taken many years to get the tech right, but we had to do that when our first customers were folks in the military, where life and death were the stakes.”

Now rapidly becoming a globally used product, Alex gives us the low down on his plans for the future of the company, why he feels London is the leading player when it comes to insurance innovation, and which movie holds the secret to everything we need to know about life…

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