Webinar: The Future is Now for Underwriting: Technology to Illuminate Risk & Empower Decision-Making

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Date & Time: Mar 28, 2024 11:00 AM ET

Deloitte reported a US industry $7.34 billion USD consolidated net underwriting loss for Q1 2024. It is therefore clear that underwriting departments are under heavy pressure to manage the risk on their books, and to do so within an ever evolving and complex risk landscape. The question is how can underwriting fast-track towards an operating model that is technology-fuelled and complimentary to their talent and experience?

In this webinar our panel of industry leaders will cover the transformation that's coming fast in underwriting - from adoption of AI/ML tools to bolster talent, improve the CX, and drive efficiencies; to new ways to use data to understand and access risk information.
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Over 60 minutes we will discuss the following topics:

- State of the union for risk management: How are carriers innovating to identify comprehensive and accurate risk profiles? Let’s discuss capabilities, integration, and synchronization between carrier and new partners

- How are we satisfying the need for speed inside underwriting departments? Let’s accelerate applications, reduce risk, and delight customers

- Underwriting’s link to CX: Exploring CX improvement directly connected to underwriting function innovation

- Modernizing systems to facilitate the use of alternative data sources for faster application underwriting and processing, more seamless cross-selling and customer personalization and ease of engagement, as well as rapid new-product launches

- Industry targets for underwriting teams- How can we move into 2025 with a wholly positive scoresheet? Is technology enough? What collaboration and innovation simply must materialize?

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28 March 2024

Webinar - ZOOM


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