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Join Europe’s largest and most innovative insurance players to navigate the constantly evolving fraud and claims landscape. Dig deep into new regulations and emerging trends, spearhead new strategies and connect with the people that matter.

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Clearspeed on-stage 

Next-gen digitalisation: preparing for the new threats and opportunities in fraud and claims

February 27th | 9:50am | Session 1

  • Digitalisation on both sides: understanding how fraud is transforming and how to respond
  • Striking the right balance: managing speed, CX, and the fraud risk
  • What more needs to be done to operationalise data throughout fraud and claims?
  • The power of generative AI: a game changer in the fraud and claims departments?
  • What does truly innovative, effective, and fraud-secure digitalisation look like?
  • The power of industrywide data sharing: how can insurers move past the competitive obstacles to full collaboration?


Stephen Linklater, Claims Director, Ageas | Scott Clayton, Head of Claims Fraud Zurich | Adele Sumner, Head of Counter Fraud & Financial Crime, RSA | Imke Aarts, Claims Director Europe, Lemonade | Manjit Rana, GM Insurance – UK, EMEA & APAC, Clearspeed

The shallow fake showcase: new vulnerabilities, new tricks

February 27th | 10:55am | Fraud Stage

Each speaker will give a short presentation detailing the shallow faking trends they’re encountering, before discussing:

  • From false IDs to fake supporting evidence: to what extent is shallow faking on the rise?
  • Keeping pace with claims automation: where are vulnerabilities emerging?
  • What steps will be needed to supercharge document scrutiny and verification?


Vera Sønsthagen, Head of Special Investigation Unit, Gjensidige | Laura Horrocks, Head of Fraud Technology and Intelligence, Sedgwick | Howard Rawstron, Head of Group Oversight Economic Crime Prevention, Lloyds Banking Group | Manjit Rana, GM Insurance – UK, EMEA & APAC, Clearspeed

27 February 2024

etc.venues St Paul’s, London


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