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Identify Risk and Fraud. Save Money. Accelerate Processes.

Clearspeed™ voice analytics technology delivers a powerful vetting solution for organizations faced with distributing economic stimulus package(s) to millions of recipients, in any language and without bias. The objective is to get money to the right people as quickly as possible while minimizing the potential for fraud. Through the power of voice technology, individuals and business owners who present no risk of fraud can be fast-tracked to receive funds while those flagged as potential fraud risks can follow the standard procedures.


Brief automated phone questionnaire of yes-or-no questions


Scales easily to screen thousands of individuals

Language Agnostic

Questionnaires can be delivered in any language

Focused Follow Ups

Supports focused, objective follow-up in potential high-risk cases


AI-enabled system delivers unbiased results quickly

Questionnaire Demo

Economic Aid: COVID-19