Using the Power of Voice Is Good For Business


Successful organizations use ongoing monitoring of people and processes to identify risk and reduce fraud. Lowering risk and fraud enables trust, which provides the foundation for a culture of security and safety. Once you have moved from insecurity to trust, you can apply your energy to more valuable pursuits like growth, innovation, and efficiency.

Establishing and maintaining trust is hard to do at organizations that are large, dispersed, and / or growing quickly. You need a repeatable process that works at scale, one that is quick, non-invasive, and unbiased.

Existing tools and processes for enabling trust rely on personally identifiable information, document searches, and face-to-face interviews. Those don’t scale.

Clearspeed™ Verbal voice analytics technology delivers an easy yet powerful solution for ongoing screening of applicants, staff, partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers.

Industry Focus

Hiring / HR
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Insider Threat
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Social Impact
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Workplace Safety
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Identifying Fraud in Hiring


Identifying Fraud in Hiring

Vet your candidates, contractors, and employees to reduce fraud and increase safety and security.

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High Tech Startup

High Tech Startup
Silicon Valley

Since all their employees have completed the Clearspeed Verbal questionnaire, there is now a culture of security throughout the company. New and existing employees know that everyone around them is serious about security.



Clearspeed Verbal is built on our Remote Risk Assessment (RRA®) software technology. RRA is an AI-enabled technology that leverages validated voice analytics, proprietary technical processing, and large volumes of unique, real-world data — none of which are available elsewhere in the market today.