Bringing over 30 years of leadership experience as a Special Warfare Officer in the United States Navy and as a global security executive, Steve Wisotzki joins Clearspeed as General Manager of the Government, Defense and Security markets. In his role, Steve will oversee Clearspeed’s growth into the government, defense, and security space with an additional focus on sports integrity – a key sector integral to the company’s strategic vision. In addition to this new leadership role, Steve will continue in his capacity as a trusted Clearspeed board advisor.

With each passing day corporations, militaries, and government agencies face the challenges of vetting people quickly, accurately, and at scale to reduce fraud, identify insider threats and increase security and safety.

Steve brings his technical and business acumen to work closely with cross-functional teams and partners to develop best-in-class security and safety practices and policies.

Passionate about using technology to do good, Steve will be key in reshaping how organizations approach security and fraud risk, prioritizing the clearance of the vast majority of the good actors, while still surfacing the ‘bad actors’, by uniquely enhancing existing fraud detection and security processes, enabling clients to make accurate decisions faster.

Ensuring security and safety as organizations confront the threat of insiders or external bad actors stealing their assets, data, or knowledge—or worse, physically harming others—is only the start. Today’s companies, governments, and militaries must also enable trust and ensure compliance at all levels in order to excel.

Clearspeed has the unique ability to complement in a very meaningful way the existing array of verification, vetting, and screening tools currently in use.

A key example of how Clearspeed’s technology has been used on the frontlines to enhance security and reduce insider threat is our work with the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Clearspeed was chosen to screen Afghan recruits to train and expand the country’s defense capabilities, without jeopardizing U.S. personnel. We were able to screen 715 recruits in under 20 hours, in both Dari and Pashto local languages, to identify the potential for risk with >97% accuracy*. Building on this validation, Clearspeed is currently utilized by multiple US Department of Defense organizations.

“Steve has already been instrumental in helping us expand on our risk assessment offerings in his capacity as a strategic advisor, and I’m excited by the experience he brings to our growing footprint in the security and government space,” said Alex Martin, CEO. “Steve shares our Clearspeed values and is focused on leveraging innovation to create a positive force for change. As a firm believer in the benefits our technology delivers to the clients we serve, we’re setting ourselves up for not only significant growth, but also for more opportunities to make a real difference.”

Driven by his passion to leverage technology for good, Steve’s belief in Clearspeed’s mission stems from a common desire to bring fast evolving technology into the hands of the right people, to address some of the world’s most pressing issues like legal immigration, cybersecurity threats, sports integrity, and insider risk.

Clearspeed technology is helping insurers meet customer experience expectations around a fast, simple claims process, and delivering significant impact at the critical ‘moment that matters’. We will continue to drive an innovative technology roadmap to serve not only the security sector but also financial services markets and other institutions where ensuring trust is a key to success.

*Clearspeed has consistently demonstrated high performance metrics in the field. Peer reviewed scientific research demonstrates that we correctly evaluate risk at a >91% precision rate; in a formal US Department of Defense validation our technology was evaluated at a >97% accuracy rate.