Assess and select candidates and recruits with confidence

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Get the transparency needed on candidate risk

Clearspeed allows you to streamline risk detection during hiring, pre-enrollment, or continuous vetting checks. With our short, automated voice questionnaire, get a unique and objective primary risk measure to quickly ensure recruits and candidates are mentally and physically eligible or suitable for military or government service.

Criminal associations

Quickly vet for criminal records, ties to criminal organizations, behaviors unbecoming of personnel

Pre-existing conditions

Screen for pre-existing conditions, hidden known medical conditions

Drug use

Uncover risks associated with performance-enhancing drugs, steroids, banned prohormones, and illicit drugs

Insider risk

Discover risks associated with waste and fraud, data theft, and more

Enable rapid and agile screening at scale

  • Detect application inconsistencies and undocumented risks
  • Clear the majority of low-risk candidates faster
  • Address high risk with greater visibility
  • Identify potential issues before boot camp, or start of a role
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Extend current personnel status and security clearances with ease

  • Expose blind spots in current security clearance vetting and evaluation processes
  • Uncover and address waste, fraud, abuse (WFA)
  • Confidently focus follow-up on those requiring further vetting or job action
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Uncover hidden mental wellness and drug use concerns

  • Uncover personnel in need of mental wellness support
  • Detect risk indicators for controlled or banned substance abuse
  • Reduce dependency on costly and lengthy laboratory testing processes
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Simple integration

Clearspeed is a lightweight insertion into your technology stack and a seamless accelerator of your end-user experience. Risk results are available in near real time within our web application or directly via API. Clearspeed offers a secure, universal REST API for seamless integration with any system.

Anywhere in the personnel lifecycle

From recruiting to point of hire, review cycle to termination

Configurable outreach

Military entrance processing stations, phone, web, chat

Flexible results delivery

Clearspeed application or API

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