Hear from industry leaders and the Clearspeed team about how voice analytics are helping clients make better decisions at scale and get to trust, faster.

Technology Innovation In Global Security And Government: Voice Analytics Use Cases To Assess Risk

Governments historically have not been quick, nor consistently bold, when it comes to innovation.…

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Clearspeed Welcomes Steve Wisotzki as GM of Government, Defense & Security Markets

Bringing over 30 years of leadership experience as a Special Warfare Officer in the United States…

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Clearspeed Welcomes Manjit Rana as GM of UK, EMEA, and APAC Regions

Bringing more than 30 years of insurance experience, alongside spearheading the creation of several…

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Insurance Fraud is on the Rise – Are You Prepared for the Perfect Storm?

The Approaching Storm Front The insurance industry has a foundation with customers built on…

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5 Ways a New Approach To Voice Analytics Accelerates Claims Payouts in an Era of Increasing Fraud

With technological advances over the past decade, insurers have made strides in implementing…

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Five Ways That Claims Benefits From Voice Analytics

  Nearly every insurance organization—from local agents to corporate headquarters--uses…

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Claims Experience

A Better Claims Experience: More Straight-Through Processing, Less Fraud

As an insurance professional you know that the customer claims experience is key to being…

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California EDD Debit Card

EDD Fraud: Symptom of a Wider Claims Problem

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, federal and state governments are offering…

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Moving From Insider Threats to a Trusted Workforce

No organization wants insiders stealing their assets, data, or knowledge—or…

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Employee Vetting Process: More Effectively Verify Applicants

Employee Vetting Process: How To More Effectively Verify Applicant Information When Hiring When it…

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Voice Analytics

Revealing the ins and outs of various voice-analysis technologies

Following several conversations with customers and partners and due to specific online reports, we…

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Identifying Fraud

Identifying & Addressing Threats from Within

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged both commercial and government organizations to grow their…

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