Identify Risk to Reduce Fraud in Banking Transactions

We trust banks with much of our personal and organizational assets. In securing our assets and putting them to work for us, banks have many exposure points to fraud:

    • Account opening and identity verification
    • Loan and credit applications
    • Transaction initiation and clearing
    • Safeguarding of money, data, and IP

Thieves and hackers are continually testing the banking system. After all, that’s where the money is.

At the same time, the vast majority of people and transactions in the banking system are trustworthy. Slowing down legitimate transactions creates friction in the flow of commerce. Unnecessary friction can erode customer satisfaction and profits.

Clearspeed Verbal™ voice analytics technology delivers a powerful solution for fraud risk assessment screening.

By providing unique risk alerts based on an individual’s vocal responses to an automated telephone questionnaire, Clearspeed can quickly and effectively clear the low-risk majority of people and transactions, while identifying potential high-risk situations that warrant additional investigation.

When you stratify risk efficiently and early, you can now focus your security and investigative resources on the high-risk areas that are often missed through traditional processes.

SB Bank Fraud

Popular Use Cases

  • Money Laundering Screening
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Insider Data Theft Pre-screening
  • Loan and Credit Card Screening
  • Synthetic Identity Alerts
  • Incident Response


Brief automated phone questionnaire of yes-or-no questions


Scales easily to screen thousands of Applicants

Language Agnostic

Questionnaires can be delivered in any language

Focused Follow Ups

Supports focused, objective follow-up in potential high-risk cases


AI-enabled system delivers unbiased results quickly