Dealing with a worldwide pandemic is a new experience for all of us, and as we each try to navigate our new normal during this time of uncertainty, we recognize the dramatic impact this is having on so many families physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Service is a cornerstone of our culture at Clearspeed, and with that in mind we wanted to share some of the ways our employees are fostering an “attitude of gratitude” by finding creative ways to brighten someone’s day, stay connected and inspire hope and positivity in our communities.

Chalk positive

Ben Smith, International Markets

  • We take our sons on neighborhood walks and leave chalk cartoons on the sidewalk. We go back later to read comments and see additions that people have made. It feels like we’re bringing a little cheer to people.
  • We send greeting cards to friends and family (with carefully sanitized hands) to brighten their day.
  • We’ve upped the ante on our alcohol intake – mostly wine – so we’re supporting Napa and other specific regions.
rocks of inspiration

Ashly Arroyo, Operations

  • My daughters and I paint rocks with messages of kindness and place them in people’s yards.
  • We support local restaurants and give generous tips to delivery drivers.
  • We go on family walks around our neighborhood to show kindness and connect with people. It’s a simple wave, smile or wishing them a good day.

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Julie Criscenti Heck, Marketing

  • I shop for my elder family members so they don’t need to go out and risk exposure.
  • Neighborhoods in Marin – my neighbor plays the national anthem on his guitar and we participate in cheering (actually howling like coyotes) at 8pm every night in support of our healthcare workers (check out the video – credit to Matt Parker playing Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of the National Anthem!)
  • we bring immediate family members together under one roof to support each other.

We would also love to hear about your recent acts of kindness to help others during this difficult time, so please share in the comments!