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Using voice technology to reduce fraud, identify risk, and build trust.

Despite our interconnectedness in this increasingly complex and fast-paced world, a pervasive lack of foundational trust between individuals and organizations divides us. To regain confidence in processes and people and to stem the fraud, waste, abuse, and insider threat challenges we face, global organizations and governments require rapid, accurate, and scalable vetting mechanisms.


With each passing day corporations, militaries, and government agencies face the challenges of vetting people quickly, accurately, and at scale to reduce fraud, identify insider threats and increase security and safety. Risk assessments are the vital inputs. But trust is the desired outcome. We bridge the gap from an assessment of risk to a decision to trust. Our vision is to help build a safer world through trust enablement.

Our Story

Clearspeed was founded in 2016 to disrupt the vetting industry. Today we’re redefining risk assessment and fraud identification through innovation in AI-driven voice-based risk assessment technology.

The problem we set out to solve was (and still is) a massive one: there is no good way to screen large volumes of people at scale, in any language, without bias. We knew this wasn’t a lie detector problem – lie detectors help humans make binary determinations of “lie” “no lie” in a 1on1 setting – this was a risk identification and risk stratification problem.

Solving this problem required a huge paradigm shift. What if we could build a cutting-edge risk assessment technology purposefully designed, built and implemented to clear the vast majority of people who present low risk while identifying those few that present a higher risk? To do this, we knew we needed a sophisticated sensor capable of helping people clear a process, not forcing them into the traditional logjam that we see in hiring, security, and claims processes today.

By a rigorous and complex analysis of real-world, and validated voice data with known risk outcomes, our experts were able to identify specific structures and features of the voice associated with both high and low-risk characteristics. Tying this analysis to a sophisticated technical process gave birth to a new generation of risk assessment technologies.

With a business model and investor base born out of Stanford Business School, and corporate DNA committed to the service of others, Clearspeed’s voice analytics technology has been through numerous successful scientific and technical field evaluations and is deployed by global enterprises, governments and militaries to help manage risk assessment challenges unable to be solved by legacy systems and approaches.

Our voices analytics technology generates impressive returns on investment that come from catching more fraud and security risk previously missed (reducing our clients’ false-negative rate) and by having fewer false positives which lead to far fewer unnecessary escalations and investigations.

Why Voice Matters

Your voice is unique, just like your fingerprint. Clearspeed recognized the incredible characteristics and advantages of using the voice to help organizations cut through the noise of unproductive screening methods. Traditional risk screening is based on past behavior to predict future actions. Clearspeed voice analytics gets to the risk signals that matter today to identify current insider threats and reduce fraud. Now with Clearspeed voice technology, organizations can see clearly where risk exists and focus on the relatively few individuals who may present risk to the organization. The vast majority of low risk people can be cleared quickly, automatically and at scale for an exceptional user experience, reinforced culture of trust, and significant cost savings.

What Makes Us Different?

Clearspeed voice analytics technology is language agnostic and without bias and can be implemented remotely or in house. The platform is built on breakthrough AI enabled technology that leverages validated voice analytics, powerful algorithms, and large volumes of unique, real world data none of which are currently available in the market today.


Join the Conversation! Voice technology is advancing rapidly to address new real-world risks presented every day.

Leadership Team

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CEO & Co-Founder

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Chief Product Officer

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Kapil Chopra

Head of Engineering

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