Empowering organizations to make decisions with confidence.

By giving you the risk insight you need, we help you quickly establish trust to clear people faster and make better decisions at scale.

Voice Analytics Technology

Make better, faster decisions at scale with our accurate risk assessment

With our AI-enabled technology in place, you will accurately identify the risk of fraud, enabling you to expedite low-risk transactions and flag when additional review is needed.

Clearspeed delivers objective and unbiased risk alerts, in any language and without any additional data. You can confidently speed transactions or individuals through your process and where high-risk is indicated, precise results guide focused follow-up efforts.

Simply and accurately assess risk with Clearspeed’s unique solutions

Clearspeed analyzes voice in a unique way to deliver a better customer experience while streamlining costs and reducing fraud.


Assess claims risk quickly and accurately

Expedite low-risk claims, focus adjusters on high-risk cases that require expert follow up, and create a better experience for your policyholders.

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Make better decisions faster about your most important asset: people

Build a trusted workforce and protect intellectual property through the power of voice.

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Social Impact

Move more people forward, faster

Clearspeed provides the risk insight you need to clear faster and trust faster.

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Unparalleled accuracy.Unmatched simplicity.

With greater than 97%* accuracy, Clearspeed provides objective and unbiased risk alerts in any language and without any additional data. Clearspeed delivers results with impactful speed and efficacy simply by including short, automated phone questionnaires within your current process.

How it works

Clearspeed delivers unique risk alerts to enable straight through processing, improve operational efficiency and reduce fraud.

How Clearspeed works


End-user completes short automated yes/no questionnaire by phone

Data Model

Speech is converted into our unbiased and language-independent data model


Data is analyzed for the presence of risk-associated vocal characteristics.


Claims risk is scored and results provided via API or web app.

Building trust faster is what will keep businesses, people, communities, and us all, moving forward.

Our story

Trusted around the world

Leading global corporations and government organizations trust our highly precise, accurate and unbiased voice analytics to fast-track low risk while also alerting to possible fraud.

Clearspeed customers and partners in 20 countries speaking 38 languages rely on the unique data we provide to improve their risk confidence, reduce their costs, and deliver an improved customer experience.