Clearspeed co-founder and CEO Alex Martin featured as the March 2023 cover story interview for The Lighthouse Collective’s 60 SECS.

Said Lighthouse Collective founder Graham Proud:

I love a good story. I am the last one around the campfire. I was the child with his head stuck in a book. So, I know one when I see one. Let me tell you, Clearspeed is a cracker. Outside industry inspiration: check. Force for good: check. Collaboration across broad-ranging talent pools: check. A bright, and yet unwritten future that is full of possibilities: CHECK.

One major application of Clearspeed’s voice technology is the decision-making intelligence that empowers customers to navigate an experience seamlessly and quickly. Of course, the technology can detect fraudulent scenarios, but really, what is happening here is that the good guys are getting cleared fast. I love that.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview with Alex:

GP: Why the insurance industry? And who are you excited to work with?

AM: We focused on industries where security risk is a problem. Fraud is a form of risk and a huge problem that demands innovative solutions. I also view the insurance industry as on the rise, as a sector that is embracing innovation, and looking to tackle problems with technology.

In terms of who we’d love to work with, we’re P&C claims centric as a top line. That includes empowering the CX across the entire process from FNOL right through. Interestingly, we are also beginning to work with underwriting teams too; as part of verification and conditions at renewal. The point is we are constantly looking at how technology can impact insurance-related decisions, and so we’re an open book in that respect. We believe that the industry demands and requires collaboration, and we’re here to listen, input with value-add technologies, and empower our partners across the value chain.\

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