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CSX700 Quick Facts
  • Core frequency: 250MHz Multi-threaded SIMD architecture

  • SIMD arrays : 2

  • Processing elements(total): 192

  • PE Floating Point precision: 64bit

  • Internal Memory Bandwidth: 192 Gbytes/s

  • Aggregate System Memory Bandwidth: 8Gbyte/s

  • PCIe I/F Bandwidth: 4Gbyte/s

  • Chip-to-chip I/F Bandwidth: 4Gbyte/s

CSX700 processor Product Brief  Download the CSX700 Product Brief
Datasheet  Download the CSX700 Processor Datasheet
Datasheet  Download the Software Reference Manuals

CSX700 Processor

The CSX700 is designed to solve the Size, Weight and Power requirements which dominate high performance embedded applications.

By integrating processing, system interfaces and on-chip memory with error-correction the CSX700 brings cost, reliability and performance advantages that solve leading edge system requirements.

Architecture CSX700 processor block diagram
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Each CSX700 processor contains:

Architecture The MTAP processor core
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192 high-performance processing elements, containing:

Low Power
Designed for low power consumption, the CSX700 combines aggressive clock gating techniques, custom silicon design with a low operating frequency. Simple clock management enables maximum application performance within defined power and thermal envelopes.

The MTAP processor is a massively data parallel architecture with a high degree of replication for efficiency and reliability. Performance is achieved from the high level of internal parallelism. The architecture is suited to sophisticated signal and image processing in the time and frequency domains.

Software Development
The CSX700 is supported by a suite of libraries and low-level driver software.

Manufactured by IBM, in the USA, the CSX700 is in production and available now for new designs.

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